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Gerry McMahonGerry McMahon, the founder of our law firm, knows what it means to be the parent of a special needs child. It became apparent to Ms. McMahon that her local school district was not providing her 6-year-old daughter with an appropriate education in her first-grade classroom. This was the beginning of a long process that led Ms. McMahon's daughter from public school to a private school for children with learning disabilities and back to public school again.

Her personal experience with special education litigation led Ms. McMahon to devote her law practice to helping parents in similar situations. A Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is a right that needs to be vigorously protected, and Ms. McMahon and her firm are dedicated to helping Connecticut and New York families navigate state and federal laws for the betterment of their children's Individual Education Plans (IEPs) — as well as their lives after school.

Ms. McMahon and her family have not only experienced the system themselves, but theirs is a success story. Ms. McMahon's daughter is now a university student, and her future remains bright.

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