Special Education Law In Practice

We're There For You When You Need Us

When you need to interact with local or state officials regarding the special education needs of your son or daughter, working with an attorney is often advisable. Even if an attorney from The Law Offices of Gerry McMahon, LLC, is not present at a planning and placement meeting — and we generally recommend that parents do not have a lawyer with them — having a professional to prepare you for what to expect can be invaluable. We will work with our clients in a fair, flexible and case by case basis.

Don't Be Discouraged By Setbacks

At our law firm, we passionately believe that it is never too early to address issues that come up with a child who may require more intesive services and supports. A phrase that school officials are fond of is that parents of young children have "the gift of time" — meaning that kids, given some latitude, might be able to mainstream themselves.

However, this is often wishful thinking on the part of school districts; the education rights of special needs children should not be delayed merely for budget reasons.

The longer that the needs of children are not met, the more trouble they may have to overcome these setbacks. By the time they become legal adults, at age 18, they may not be equipped to handle the challenges they face.

Unfortunately, many school districts are inclined to contend that children who need extra attention do not actually have a disability. For these districts, providing a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) costs money that officials would prefer not to spend.

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